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IBOR Umstellung: Fieldfisher veröffentlicht Microsite

Die Abschaffung des Libor und anderer Referenzzinssätze im Interbankengeschäft wirft ihre Schatten voraus. Die Umstellung auf alternative Zinssätze steht bevor. Fieldfisher stellt eine dynamische Microsite in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung, mit deren Hilfe interessierte Marktteilnehmer die Entwicklungen verfolgen können:

The regulators have now turned up the temperature on IBOR discontinuance with the recent Dear CEO letter from the UK FCA and PRA.

It is a cross market issue and increasingly it is hard to keep up with developments in different regions and products. You will therefore be relieved to know that we have externalised our IBOR developments tracker to clients through a devoted IBORs microsite.

In the site we identify the issues, highlight the latest developments and track announcements by regulators and industry associations. We look at the specific impacts for each product and market separately.

The site will be updated frequently and we will send out alerts on significant updates to those who register to get them.

If you would like to know more about IBOR discontinuance please contact

Our award-winning Condor alternative legal solutions platform can also help to deal with IBOR discontinuance implementation with its IBORSolve solution. Please contact if you would like any more information.